Grants Projects 2017

The primary goal of the committee is to work with landowners, funding entities, and state, local, and federal government agencies to promote sustainable soil conservation practices that will enhance soil health in Washington State. To that end, the committee will solicit grant proposals for soil health projects, fund them, and share the results across the state.

These are the grants selected in 2017:

Project: Biochar Field Trials

Project: Bringing No-till and Direct Seeding Technology to San Juan Island Farms

Project: Cover Crops to Improve Soil Tilth in Skagit County

Project: Health Monitoring Sites in Irrigated Eastern Washington

Project: Innovative Soil Health Assessment and Improvement in Thurston County

Project: Monitoring Soil Moisture in Cover Crop Fallow and Direct Seed Fallow

Project: Nutrient Availability

Project: Soil Health Roadmap and Toolkit

Project: Whitman County Cover Crop Symposium